About Us

Our Story

Our Existence begins with "Maa", and so does KOT begin with-inspired by my Mom and her home-made food. We all agree that Mom's food is the best food with always reminds us of the love and care it is cooked with.

I believe that the emotion you cook with reflects on the food you make. This would often make me wonder if we get to taste the best of what a chef makes in a restaurant. When there is no dialogue between the guest and the chef he cannot understand the real taste and liking of the guest he is cooking for, and cannot innovate to prepare the best for his guests like how our Mom's create magic in our own kitchens.

And this lingering question was answered when I visited a Teppanyaki restaurant in a far off land during a business trip.Impressed by the experience of talking to the chef directly and getting food cooked in front of me as per my unique taste, I fell in love with it. I wanted to introduce this in our city. And here, the idea of KOT was conceived. I have personally taken care of designing the cooking equipment to suit Indian Style and got it specially manufactured.

As for me , being a total novice in F & B industry, it was a big challenge taken and KOT has become a reality today only out of pure passion and hard work. With the support and encouragement of Mr.Vijay and his partners the first KOT was inaugurated in HSR Biryani Zone.

The original idea of serving Pan Asian cuisine was further upgraded to a new level when Akhil joined to showcase his skills in Japanese and Sushi. Together, we have designed a new spread of dishes picking the best of Asian cuisines to suit the Indian taste buds. We never compromise on the quality of each of the ingredients which goes into the making the best of dishes which reminds me of home food where everything good is hand-picked by Moms. KOT shone in a new light when Star Chef June joined us. An international chef, with badges of excellence from star hotel chains across the world has a glorious experience of over 30 years to his credit. A big 'Thank you' to my family, friends and investors who supported in the journey of making KOT a reality. We have many more to come our way.

Our Mission and Goals

KOT is dedicated to my Mom and all the working staff here. Our mission is to take the best care of our staff, their families and together bring out the best of talent to give our esteemed guests a delicious memorable dining experience.


We envision KOT franchisees across the globe, and welcome you to join the KOT family.The exquisite Japanese cuisine was once only a Rich Man's food.Our vision is to make KOT ubiquitous by making high quality food affordable and give our guests a unique experience of fine dining, because it is just not about food, it is FoodEntertainment !!